Artist Statement

I invite you to break with the logical mind and see deeply using the eyes of the heart and soul.

What is reflected to you is for you alone. May it be a reflection of love, harmony and beauty, a holy trinity. As an artist, my world vision is that of beauty, sensuality,spirituality and form. I draw this from the beauty around me and quietly weave it into my paintings. My paintings are small to draw the viewer into an intimate experience with color, composition and detail. If they allow themselves to be seduced into these small worlds, they can find healing, serenity and passion at many levels. I just ask them to spend a little time inside my paintings to see and feel what is there for them. If this experience awakens beauty in them and they begin to see more beauty around them, then my message as an artist has been seen and heard.

"…that love of the beautiful is a secret, sacred passion."
—John O'Donohu

About the Artist

Kyra Wojcik is a watercolor painter, graphic/lettering artist and liturgical artist and designer. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

Kyra worked as a freelance graphic artist and sign painter/and calligrapher. At the same time, she was doing liturgical art at several Catholic churches. She decided to close her graphic design business and return to her fine art roots. She started showing her paintings and continued to design worship space and banners for churches she attended.

Kyra Wojcik is represented by River's Edge Gallery in Wyandotte, Michigan. She is currently teaching at Wayne County Community College in the Art Department. She also facilitates therapeutic art sessions at several area nursing homes, and curates art shows of resident work.